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Chapel Break Infant School


School times 8:40-3:10

Gates close at 8:50


Attendance Policy 

 Attending school regularly plays a vital part in successful learning.


It is essential for your child to have outstanding attendance throughout the school year. Each half term we celebrate those children who have achieved 96%-100% attendance  by awarding them a certificate.


Each year, we set a target for attendance; this year, we have set our target to 97%.


Reporting your child’s absence

If your child is absent from school, please contact the school office on Telephone Number:  01603 749 550  on the morning of each day of absence, alternatively you can email the school via office@chapelbreakinfant.norfolk.sch.uk explaining your child’s absence.


On your child’s return to school, please provide a note / letter covering your child’s absence.


The Department for Education (DfE) asks schools to identify the reasons a child is absent from school. Authorised absences are for illness, dental/medical appointments (where possible, please try to arrange these out of school hours), religious observance, school visits and approved sporting activities.


Any other absences will be recorded as unauthorised (including family holidays).  If your child / children  are going to be absent during term time, please complete a Leave of Absence form which can be found outside the school office or you can click the link below.  Any holidays taken without completing this form will have to be recorded as unauthorised absence which is different from unauthorised holiday.