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Chapel Break Infant School

Chapel Break Bees

At Chapel Break we focus on developing the learning characteristics  that our children will need to be successful in later life; collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, being curious, creative and reflective.

Each learning characteristic is represented by a bee to support the children's understanding. The bees, The Zip Twins, Buzz. Brains, Puzzler, Wonder and Austin are familiar characters in the classrooms and are regularly referred to to support the development of these characteristics. 

For example, Buzz will show the children the importance of confident communication. He will encourage the children to listen and question, explain their knowledge and understanding to peers and adults and develop non-verbal ways of communicating through drama, movement, music, visual arts and sculpture.

We also now have our new bee 'Feels' he helps us to talk about our feelings and supports our wellbeing.

Click here to see the characteristics of each bee.