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Chapel Break Infant School



Welcome to Robin Class


In Robin Class we love to learn! 


  • We use 5 star listening
  • We turn our Learning Power to maximum
  • We use helpful talking
  • We are all learning friends
  • We Challenge ourselves
  • We are as gentle as a feather
  • We know that if we read every day this will help us become super learners.


How Robins Learn

Each term we have a BIG question to answer; this driving question sets the learning for the term. Our classroom becomes this environment so we are excited and motivated to learn even more.


We are sent challenges to explore and this keeps our learning purposeful and exciting.  We can choose our challenge level so we know that our learning is just right for us.


We know that we can achieve great things if we challenge ourselves to keep trying. Sometime we use Critique to improve what we have done and so we do one, two or three drafts to really practise our learning.


Home learning

Please read at home every day, researchers have discovered that those children who read every day will achieve their best at school and then in adult life.



Please click links below to see termly planning documents;


Autumn Term 2020

Autumn Term 2021