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Chapel Break Infant School

Real Projects

Real project website

Our Chapel Break Curiosity Curriculum is based on the principles of 'Real Projects'

REAL stands for Rigorous, Engaging, Authentic Learning.  The principles are:

  • Significant academic content taken from the primary domain (e.g. science) with natural and relevant links made to other curriculum areas exploited to enrich and deepen learning
  • Fully integrated English (reading, writing, speaking and listening)
  • Planned opportunities to explore the philosophical themes emerging from the content
  • A commitment to multiple drafting and critique
  • Student-crafted final outcomes that reflect authentic ‘thinking and doing’ (e.g. working as scientists)
  • Rich first hand experiences to deepen engagement, understanding and enjoyment
  • Innovative planning and authentic assessment developed with expert partners
  • A termly public exhibition, showcase or performance where every child is represented
  • Authentic audiences