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Chapel Break Infant School

How do the Governors do this at Chapel Break?

Our aim is for meetings of the Full Governing Body to be held at least once every half term where all aspects of the school are reviewed and discussed. Where possible Governors also regularly spend time at the school on an individual basis to both help with and monitor all aspects of daily school life.


We also have three main areas of focus:


  • Finance & Personnel - main responsibility is to oversee the school budgets, staffing policies and matters relating to the buildings and grounds.


  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment - reviews the school’s curriculum to ensure that it meets the standards required, that the assessment processes in place are robust and effective and that all pupils, whatever their ability, make the required levels of progress and maximise their potential.


  • Behaviour & Welfare - monitor and review such things as the Safeguarding of both Children and Staff, Health & Safety policy and the level and quality of extra-curricular activities at the school.


The Governing Body is made up of:


  • The Head Teacher
  • Parents (proposed and elected by other parents who have children at the school)
  • Elected Members of Staff at the school
  • A Local Authority Representative
  • Co-Opted Community Representatives