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Chapel Break Infant School

What have the Governors achieved in 2020-2021?

There is no denying the challenging circumstances that we have all found ourselves in nationally, with Covid-19 dominating each of our actions. It has been a hugely emotional and exacting time for everyone involved with Chapel Break Infant School.


We would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. Sara Johnston, her Senior Leadership team, teachers and all staff for their dedicated work during this difficult time. Despite the lockdown Chapel Break Infant School has continued to provide an outstanding level of educational provision to its children, whether in a face-to-face or remote education setting. ALL staff have, and still are, working tirelessly to ensure that the school continues to provide the best possible education and care in the unprecedented times during both this and the previous academic year.


During the 2020 - 2021 academic year the Governors have been instrumental in working with the school on the following:


  • Providing support to the Head Teacher and Staff during the exceptional challenges they have encountered with Covid-19. This has included monitoring the health and well-being of everyone involved at the school to ensure the environment has been as safe as possible.


  • Appointed a new Head Teacher to replace Mrs Sara Johnston with effect from September 2021.


  • Continuing to monitor progress against the school’s improvement and development priorities, whether through visits to the school (where possible) or through remote contact to determine their intent, implementation and impact in delivering a rich and varied curriculum.


  • Supporting the school as it meets a heightened provision both in numbers and supporting education, for those with Special Educational Needs.  Includes, along with many other schools, lobbying both Local and National Government for better school support and funding.


  • Ensuring the school premises and equipment are reviewed regularly to make sure they are fit for purpose and facilitate the delivery of the school’s improvement and development priorities.


We look forward to continuing to work with everyone involved with Chapel Break Infant School to provide the very best education for our young people, no matter the circumstances. 


Our vision is:

Building a culture of Kindness, Community, Curiosity and Kindness